Effective October 1, 2018 we are offering a special program for Bodyscapes Fitness members.  You must be an active member at a Bodyscapes location to participate in this program.

To learn more and enroll visit here and follow the TWO steps:

(1) You must create an account with SPLITFIT using your same e-mail address as your Bodyscapes Fitness membership. 

(2) You must provide your full name and process your initial enrollment at https://splitfit.com/bsf-sgt-2/.  Your first month charge will be prorated to first of the month based on the week you join. Moving forward you will be automatically charged $160 per month on the first of each month. 

You will receive an additional 20 Splitbucks for enrollment in this program!

After you complete these two steps, and within 48 hours your 180 Splitbucks will be deposited to your account. To learn how to apply your Splitbucks for payment of your sessions click here


  • SGT Strength: This Strength Training session will focus on traditional movements based on scientific principles known to deliver a multitude of benefits. We will "Pick it up and put it down".
  • SGT HIIT/Conditioning: This High-Intensity Interval Training session provides a great combination of strength development and challenges cardiovascular capacity. Otherwise known as...kicking your butt!
  • SGT Functional Training: If you would rather Pre-hab than Re-hab then this session will instruct, and correct everyday movement patterns to keep you performing at top form.

To find these special sessions offered at Bodyscapes Fitness first filter by location and then simply search for trainer names preceded by each club’s name in acronym format:

  • SGT HIIT, so KSQ SGT HIIT for HIIT small group training at Bodyscapes Fitness in Kendall Sq
  • SGT Functional Training
  • SGT Strength 

Unused Splitbucks for this special program expire at the end of the month

NOTE: You cannot earn Splitbucks from our standard incentive program (click here to learn more) when you utilize this special program for Bodyscapes Fitness members. Splitbucks can be used at any of our partner locations. 

To cancel you must notify support@splitfit.com  5 days prior to the 1st of the month (effective for the following period of your enrollment). There are NO REFUNDS

This special program can be cancelled at any time by SPLITFIT or Bodyscapes Fitness without prior notification.

All other SPLITFIT Terms of Use apply.

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