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Getting Started as a Trainer
Getting Started as a Trainer

This article explains the first steps to getting on SPLITFIT for Trainers.

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SplitFit is a powerful tool in the Trainer's tool kit. We remove many of the barriers to instructor led, guided strength training+ and we drive new clients into clubs and studios.  Most people want to work with a Trainer, but barriers like cost, long term commitments (packages), inaccessibility, cumbersome scheduling and lack of tools to foster communication and more social approach to personal training all prohibit most of the interested population from personalized training. We solve these. You can focus on training and providing on-going encouragement for your clients. Bottom line, SplitFit provides you more revenues. And.......getting started is easy! 

For trainers at an existing SplitFit partner location: Download the app and become a user.  Use the email you will want to share with your manager to configure your SPLITFIT trainer profile.  Make sure to provide your manager with approved photo and bio (up to 150 characters) for configuration.  You will receive an invitation email to become a trainer once your manager has completed your specific configuration.  Once accepted you or your manager can begin posting your availability for sessions (permission based).  And you’re off! 

For new trainers at locations currently not using SplitFit: Talk to your club's Manager and introduce them to SplitFit and how it can help you (and the club) gain new clients. You can also reach out to for more information on how to get started. We can grow together!

Be sure to read our other FAQ's on how to be most successful using SPLITFIT and building a great base of clients. 

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