Trainers should arrive prior to session and greet clients accordingly. This is also ideal time to speak with clients regarding additional information that may impact the SPLITFIT session to follow. This may include long term injuries, short term rested or fed state, or perhaps valuable feedback regarding their last session.

Keep in mind that for some clients this is probably their first session, so meet and greet clients at the reception area of your club.  Be visible and welcoming. 

You should have reviewed each client’s basic fitness profile in advance and have prepared your workout plan for the session accounting for the individual client’s information. At the beginning of the session take a few moments to verify the information, discuss their goals and review your plan for the workout. Most importantly make them comfortable and ready for a productive, healthy and fun workout. 

At the end of the workout, be sure to encourage the client to provide any feedback and schedule their next session as steady regimen of exercise is important for overall wellness. 

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