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How does pooling work - for Trainers
How does pooling work - for Trainers

This article describes how pooling works and approaches for providing quality workout for clients who train in a small group.

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SPLITFIT is more fun with more than one. Semi-private training (or small group training, with SPLITFIT this is limited to up to four people) can be a very rewarding experience for both the trainer and the client. The ease of booking and no long-term commitment is attractive for many people but semi private training with its shared pricing, social environment, and overall convenience makes SPLITFIT the premier way to train with the area’s best trainers.

Training a group of folks takes some preparation and planning.  Many customers have shared with SPLIFIT they (a) prefer to exercise with other people and (b) in many cases prefer to train with people they don't know.  This is a wonderful opportunity for people to meet new people and make friends.  Be sure to engage the participants in your plan (beginning of workout) and support positive interactions as the clients complete their workouts.  As always, provide instructions, guidance and encouragement to all the clients.  It's common that clients provide positive encouragement to each other as well. 

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