We are offering a special program whereby as a Trainer working with clients through SPLITFIT you can earn even more.

For each new client who first completes a session using your referral code and then completes another 10 additional sessions in less than six months (can be at any club on SPLITFIT, with any Trainer on SPLITFIT) you will receive another 50 Splitbucks into your account. can cash out the Splitbucks you have accumulated from referrals and these retention triggers. So you can earn 65 Splitbucks for each new client who started with your referral code, and then cash out!

Send us an email to requesting to cash out your Splitbucks. We will process a payment through Paypal to your registered email in 7-10 days after a quarter period concludes (ends June 30, Sept 30, Dec 31, March 31). Payments will only be processed four times a year accordingly. Trainer needs to be active trainer at time client hits 10th session. Active defined as scheduling at least 1 session per week for prior 4 weeks. 

This program can be cancelled at any time without notice.

SPLITFIT wants you to be successful!  We encourage you to utilize SPLITFIT as another tool to build your base of clients.  We can provide a template for creating business cards with your contact information and referral code (contact us at or through the in app messaging tool).  We also encourage you to write Blogs and utilize Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms to share your training experiences with your client and link to SPLITFIT. 

You should also promote our referral program and YOUR referral code through these channels and as part of any of your efforts to gain new clients. 

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