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Communication with Clients - For Trainers
Communication with Clients - For Trainers

This article describes communication options between a client and trainer.

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Effective December 13, 2018 we are now offering ability for a client to ask the trainer a question. For more information click here

When you first meet with your clients, you can offer your contact information (we suggest having SPLITIFT business cards that includes your contact information and your referral code so you can earn $$ learn more here).  You can also request a client's contact information but this is completely at the client's discretion.  You must always adhere to our Privacy Policy.  

In a situation where a client needs to cancel within the twelve hour window they may or may not elect to communicate this to you via the new in app 'chat' feature or to SPLITFIT via our in app messaging tool ('Get Help').  We will do our best to relay this information to our partner club manager. 

In a situation where the trainer has an unforeseen scheduling conflict the trainer must work with their respective manager to find another trainer at the same partner location to cover their session and deliver same quality training experience.  

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