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How do cutoffs work?
How do cutoffs work?

This article explains how cutoffs work (time before a session is automatically removed from the available sessions list).

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Effective July 10, 2017 each available session will be subject to a cutoff period after which that session will no longer be available for booking. The default is 3 hours but each partner gym or studio will make the final decision on the cutoff window for each session. Any session without at least one client scheduled in will automatically be removed once the cut off window (time) has been reached.

Cutoffs are configurable at the Administrator level at both the (a) location/gym and (b) individual trainer levels. The cutoff for the trainer will 'trump' the location/gym cutoff. For example, if the club has 18 hour cutoff but the trainer has 24 hour cutoff, the session will be cutoff (removed from schedule if no one has booked into it) 24 hours in advance. 

For 'classes' that trainers post as available inventory these are typically set with 0 hour cutoff (as the session/class will be conducted regardless). 

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