We are very proud to announce our partnership with Healthworks! 

Please note this location is restricted to women only. 

To learn more about the special team TRAINING at Healthworks click here

To learn more about the special types of workouts provided within their team TRAINING program click here.  This includes:

teamTRAIN: Hard-hitting cardio intervals and intense strength and bodyweight exercises are fused together for this challenging workout. Customized to help break through your fitness boundaries, you are guaranteed to leave feeling accomplished, strong and powerful!

teamBURN: BURN calories and blast fat with high intensity cardiovascular intervals paired with total body strength and conditioning training. Cardio circuits involve sprints, gradient drills, and endurance intervals.

teamBOXING: An intense full body workout, this class incorporates drills to build power and strength, as well as cardio intervals. Learn boxing techniques and progress into more intense workouts each week. No prior experience necessary- just come prepared to channel your inner fighter.

teamKB: Learn how to optimize your workouts with kettlebells. One of the most versatile fitness tools today, they will give you an all-over body conditioning workout and build your endurance. No matter what your kettlebell level is, you’ll be challenged with this blend of cardio and strength training.

Please note spots in these sessions are $30 for peak hours and $25 for non-peak hours. 

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