SplitFit provides an easy platform for you to generate additional clients and business for your Personal Trainers.  The majority of gyms and studios have Personal Trainers with extra capacity, whether it's private 1x1 sessions, small group training or augmenting open spaces in classes your Trainers are conducting.  There is always opportunity to help new Trainers garner new clients as well. 

Our mission is to remove the barriers to personal training.  For gyms and studios we make it simple to get started, to post and manage inventory of available hours and to do business with SplitFit.  Through our marketing expertise we bring your customers who want to experience the expertise and skills of your Trainers in a safe, convenient location. For your clients (SplitFit customers) we remove barriers like cost, accessibility and intimidation that traditionally have limited use of Personal Trainers. SplitFit users enjoy the social aspect of training with others, the control and flexibility of access to Trainers without memberships or long term commitments. 

There is no fee for your gym or studio to join SplitFit, and we provide a shared revenue model you can learn about more in our Partner Terms and Conditions.  Set up takes less than 30 minutes and our simple scheduling system and training materials enable your staff to get started with little effort. Our service and support resources are highly responsive and here to make it easy!

For more information, simply reach out at support@splitfit.com and we can answer all your questions. 

Let's grow together!  

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