Effective January 1, 2020 we are proud to offer a special program for AllWays Health Partner members whereby your annual fitness reimbursement will now be DOUBLED by AllWays and SplitFit! Here's how it works:

  1. Process your payment for $150. You will need to provide name, e-mail and your AllWays Health Partners member ID. NOTE: member ID's start with CDW or COM and can be found of the front of your ID card. You can also view a digital copy in the AllWays Member Portal (www.allwaysmember.org). 
  2. Your $150 will be reimbursed through the existing reimbursement process from AllWays Health Partners. Click here to process your reimbursement.  
  3. Create your free SplitFit account. 
  • Within 72 hours, once your AllWays fitness reimbursement eligibility has been confirmed, you will receive a deposit of 300 'Splitbucks' into your account. 
  • Submit your $150 reimbursement to AllWays Health Partners by completing the online form at allwaysmember.org. This process may take up to 15-30 days. Click here for the steps to get reimbursed
  • You can use your Splitbucks to pay for your training sessions at any of our partner locations located throughout the extended Greater Boston area (and expanding!). Click here to learn how to 'apply your Splitbucks'. 
  • You must use your Splitbucks within one (1) year of deposit or they will expire. There are no refunds. You can, however, gift your Splitbucks to others with an active SplitFit account. Click here to learn more. NOTE: the initial expiration date is retained. 

To confirm your plan includes a Fitness benefit and to review the details of your benefit, please log in to allwaysmember.org to see your Schedule of Benefits and all Plan Documents.

All our terms of use apply. SplitFit and AllWays can cancel or modify this program at any time without prior notice. 

Contact support@splitfit.com with any questions!

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