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How to edit my Trainer profile
How to edit my Trainer profile

This article explains how to edit your profile as a Trainer on SplitFit

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Managers and Trainers who have been granted access rights (after they've downloaded and created an account with SplitFit) can edit the Trainer's extended profile. 

Initial profiles will be created by the SplitFit Adminstrator as part of the on-boarding process. Once created, to edit (at any time):

  • Go to the portal ( and log in. 

  • Click on the avatar within menu bar at the top (see screen shots below)

  • Scroll through and change any component of your profile.

  • **NOTE: The 'trainer bio' must be between 120-150 characters including spacing** (will not save otherwise)

  • NOTE: The image for your avatar cannot exceed 1MB (will not save otherwise).

  • IMPORTANT: Once complete, at the bottom select 'update Trainer'. Posted sessions will be updated when users go into the app, although might take few minutes. 

Clients can view your Trainer profile when viewing sessions details:

Contact with any questions!

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