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How to access your virtual training session
How to access your virtual training session

This article describes how to access your live, virtual workout from our Partner Clubs

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Many of our Partner Clubs are now offering live stream workouts (not pre-recorded). Each has a different process for how to access their sessions and we can now support the various methods for accessing.

Effective June 19, 2020 we provide the following enhancements to SplitFit related to accessing live stream sessions:

  • If a partner club has a predetermined set of log in credentials these will now be available BOTH in your booking confirmation as well as an automated e-mail one hour prior to you session starting. These will include the URL link (Zoom, Skye, etc) as well as any security requirements.

  • Some partner clubs will decide to provide the log in credentials separately and typically one hour prior to the session starting. In this case, we will denote this in the booking confirmation and automated e-mail notifications accordingly.

As always, contact with any questions.

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