Effective September 7, 2017 we are introducing an incentive program to help you save even more.

When you pay 100% for your spot in a pool (so $20) you can earn $5 of credit for a future session (‘Splitbucks’) when any other customer joins the same session after you.  KEY POINT:  You must pay full price for your spot in that session

For example, if you are the first in a pool (and paid full price for your spot or $20) of 4 and 3 people join after you, you will earn $15 worth of Splitbucks (3 x $5). If you are second in a pool and 1 person joins after you in this case you will earn $5 in Splitbucks.

Splitbucks are made available to you when the session has been completed.

Splitbucks can then be used to pay for future sessions. In the app you will see your Splitbucks balance in the top right corner of the app at all times (as long as you are logged in).

Splitbucks must be redeemed within 60 days of issuance (starts when your session is completed from which you earned the credit). Splitbucks can’t be used with any other promotion (you can't earn Splitbucks if you're using a coupon for your session) and can’t be redeemed for purposes other than purchasing personal training sessions as offered through SPLITFIT.  Splitbucks are non-refundable. 

You must be on version 2.0 or higher.

Applying Splitbucks:  

Splitbucks are automatically deposited into your account when earned through this incentive program.  You can see your current balance at the top right corner of your screen (green icon).  Click on the icon to see you Splitbucks transactional details. To apply Splitbucks, when booking and confirming your session, simply click on 'Apply Splitbucks' (right below 'Promo code').  

The app will automatically apply full amount of the session price and use whatever is available for Splitbucks up to the price of that session.

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