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How does the pricing for pooling work?
How does the pricing for pooling work?

This article explains pooling and how it only costs as little as $20 to secure a spot in a session where you are training with others.

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SPLITFIT saves you money!  Our goal is to make quality Personal Training both affordable and accessible.

We are currently offering sessions in clubs/studios and remotely (live stream, always!) Pricing therefore is as follows:

  • Personal, small group training in club: $35

  • Personal, small group live stream: $30

  • Small Group Training (existing program at certain clubs) $25

  • Classes $20

  • NOTE: pricing for private 1x1 sessions is $95 (buy out a pool). To learn more about private sessions click here

NOTE: This now replaces prior pricing that existed as of May 31, 2021. 

To learn how you can save more through our really cool referral program click here and our program for purchasing Splitbucks in bulk (for a discount). 

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