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How does your referral program work?
How does your referral program work?

This article details how our referral program saves money for everyone involved.

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SplitFit saves you money in many ways!  We want you to encourage your friends to try SplitFit and we know they'll love it!

Effective December 5, 2017 we are now offering a referral program where you can both save. You must be on version 2.0.4 or higher.

When you refer a new user (someone who has never completed a session on SplitFit) you will BOTH automatically earn 15 Splitbucks when they book and complete their first session. All Splitbucks from referrals expire 30 days from date of issuance. 

There are two ways to refer someone:

(1) When you complete booking your own session, select 'invite a friend' and text or email as many friends as you'd like. A unique referral coupon code will be included in the message to them.

(2) Tap on your green Splitbucks icon and you will see at the top ability to 'share' your coupon code with anyone you'd like via text or e-mail.

It's that easy!  Your friend will be able to apply your coupon code and use when booking their first session and save $15! When they complete their first session you will automatically receive 15 Splitbucks into your account and a message notifying you (as noted above, will expire in 30 days).

NOTE:  Referral coupon codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon or promotion. 

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