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How do I book a Personal Training session through SplitFit
How do I book a Personal Training session through SplitFit

This article explains how to choose a personal trainer with only a few clicks.

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With SplitFit you can instantly find and book nearby Personal Training sessions with a few clicks. Once you have downloaded our app and registered you can easily see which gyms and studios are available in your area, and link to their web site for more information about their facilities. You can learn more about each trainer for the available sessions by clicking on the trainer avatar next to each available session. 

Personal Trainers offer a variety of training sessions, each with different level of personalization. With SplitFit you can find convenient sessions and choose how from more personalized (3-4 people, customized for that group) to less personalized (larger group possible > 10 people, where the workout is predefined).  Our pricing reflects these range of options sessions. Click here to learn more about how our pricing works. 

SplitFit provides the ability to see available sessions and pools, as well as any sessions you have already selected. You also have the ability to add the session to your calendar.

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