Once the app is downloaded, you can view available times, gyms, trainers and pools before you need to enter any information. In order to book your first session with SPLITFIT, you can register with one click through Facebook or log in without Facebook, provide some basic fitness information, pick where you want to work out and securely enter your payment information as part of confirming your session. You will not need to re-enter this information after you book your first session with SPLITFIT.

Basic Fitness Information

When you book your first session with SPLITFIT we want to help all your trainers learn more about you.  Our app will prompt you to build a quick fitness profile to help your trainer understand your goals and activity level.   You will be guided a through few simple prompts requesting your input. Your profile will be provided to your trainer by SPLITFIT in advance of your training sessions. 

Your basic fitness profile can be edited in settings. If you have not previously completed it, you will be prompted to do so when booking your first session.

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