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What is SplitFit and how does it work?
What is SplitFit and how does it work?

This article describes what SPLITFIT is like for both users and gym owners.

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SplitFit is an app that connects you with affordable and accessible Personal and semi-private Training. 

For users:

Just sign up, schedule a session, show up and experience a quality workout at the right time, right place and right price…no gym membership required.  The most effective workout in the fitness world is no longer too expensive, too inconvenient or too much of a commitment. To activate SplitFit, simply go to or download the app and select the time and location that works for you. Users are given an option to train alone or join a pool, which is a semi-private training session with up to 4 people or join a small group training program or class that certain trainers also conduct (up to 12 open spots). Another way SplitFit saves you money is through our referral program. With SplitFit, you have the power to easily locate a quality facility and trainer when you want to. 

For gym owners: 

SplitFit is a platform that helps gym and studio owners broadcast their available inventory to anyone interested in working with Personal Trainers, including non-members of their facilities.  SplitFit catalogs available inventory provided by your Personal Trainers while breaking down the barriers like cost and convenience for those with an interest in working with Personal Trainers. Trainers get to stay busy and clients get the compelling fitness benefits of working directly with a Personal Trainer.

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