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Cancellation Policy for Trainers
Cancellation Policy for Trainers

This article explains how the SplitFit cancellation policy works.

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SplitFit maintains a twelve hour cancellation policy for its clients. Please check with your facility manager as this may differ from your club and how it affects your schedule and compensation.  Per our Partner Terms and Conditions the SplitFit cancellation policy supersedes ANY partner location policy. 

If at least one client is scheduled in a session, that session must be provided.

If you can’t make a session for some unforeseen reason it is your responsibility to assign another trainer from your club to cover that session. You should resolve this with your manager if and when this situation should arise. The replacement trainer is expected to provide the same quality trainer experience for the client. 

If you need to cancel a session and no one has booked into it, click here for instructions on how to do this. 

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