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How does the filtering and alerts functionality work?
How does the filtering and alerts functionality work?

This article helps you understand how filtering and alerts features work

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Version 3.0.0 or higher now provides you the ability now to filter on:

  • Type of workout (resistance training, HIIT/conditioning, class type, etc)

  • Intensity (beginner, intermediate, advanced, ect)

  • Price ($20, $25, $30, $35)

Please note, to get the new filtering and alerts to work, existing alerts & filters must be removed and reset. To remove current alerts, go to Settings > Edit Pool Alerts> Remove Alert.  To reset Filters, select Filter Results> Reset.  Then log out and log back in. 

Tap on 'Filter Results':

Choose from various ways to filter, select 'apply filters' and then 'done' (next screen) to apply:

Your applied filters ALSO let's you create notifications for those future (posted) sessions that meet your criteria - tap on 'add alerts' to utilize this feature:

To edit/remove your alerts:

Go to settings, edit pool alerts and remove your alerts:

This builds upon filtering functionality previously released whereby customers can filter on days of the week and/or times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening). Please note the days of week selections are all active, so tapping on a day (turns gray) filters that day out. 

Morning hours are up until 11am, afternoon hours are 12-4pm and evening hours are after 5pm. 

Previously version 2.3.0 or higher provides you the ability to filter on (1) and/or (2) trainers. If you select a group of gyms you will then have the ability to further filter on (active) trainers in those gyms.  You can also not filter on gym, and choose to just filter on trainer(s). Within each area you can select multiple gyms or multiple trainers. 

As you select the location you want or the trainer you want from their respective drop down selections simply select 'apply filters'.  You will then see the quantity of filters you've applied in the 'filter results' menu bar. To clear these simply tap on 'reset' within filter results.

Your filters are saved for when you next return into the app. 

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