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Communication with Trainers
Communication with Trainers

This article explains how you can ask your trainer a question

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We provide a 'chat' feature where you can ask your trainer a question.

When you view the details of an available session, you will now see 'Ask the trainer a question'.  Tap on this to start a chat with your trainer.  You will see this option also when viewing your booked sessions listing by tapping on the pertinent session. 

In the top right (next to your Splitbucks icon) you will see an icon for the chatting feature. This is where your recent chats will be.  You and your trainer will also receive notifications when there is a response.  

Chats stay in your conversation history until one day after your booked session. 

For urgent requests, please contact support by going to 'Get Help' in Settings. 

Please note not all trainers may opt in to utilize this feature. 

All chats can be monitored so use responsibly. 

Please see our terms of use and our privacy policy

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