Effective December 13, 2018 we are now offering the 'chat' feature where you can ask your trainer a question. In our initial release this will be limited to only certain trainers so we can gather feedback and continuously expand this important feature. You need to be on version 2.5.0 or higher. Please note also not all trainers may opt in to utilize this feature. 

When you view the details of an available session, you will now see 'Ask the trainer a question'.  Tap on this to start a chat with your trainer.  You will see this option also when viewing your booked sessions listing by tapping on the pertinent session. 

In the top right (next to your Splitbucks icon) you will see a new icon for the chatting feature. You can see an your recent chats here.  You and your trainer will also receive notifications when there is a response. NOTE: please recognize there is no required time frame for responses from the trainer! Trainers are typically busy throughout the day.  For urgent requests you should still reach out to support via the 'Get Help' feature in settings.  

Chats will only last one day after the session is completed. 

All chats can be monitored so use responsibly. 

Please see our terms of use and our privacy policy

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