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Gifting Splitbucks to friends and family
Gifting Splitbucks to friends and family

This article explains how to gift Splitbucks to friends and family.

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You can gift your Splitbucks to family and friends who have an active SplitFit account. 

Simply e-mail requesting your gift be transacted. Specify the recipient (including their e-mail associated with their SplitFit account, if available), the amount and any short message you would like associated with your gift. Please allow up to 72 hours to process. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Per our Terms of Use, all Splitbucks expire.  Your Splitbucks will have various expiration dates as defined per the specific special program or method you acquired them. Any gifted Splitbucks will retain the SAME expiration date when gifted.  Bonus Splitbucks from special programs (like Wayfair) can only be gifted IF earned (current period 80 Splitbucks used fully within current period).  

Splitbucks can only be used to SplitFit sessions and cannot be redeemed for cash or any other purposes per our Terms of Use

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