During the COVID-19 challenges several of our Partner Clubs are sharing workouts you can do safely from your own home. Here is a list of available resources, including some workouts from your favorite Trainers, you can now access directly through SplitFit, most for just $12. REMINDER: Your employer and/or most Health Insurance companies will reimburse you for your SplitFit sessions as well - see the list here

The following partner clubs are offering live stream sessions: Back Bay Boxing, Bodyscapes Fitness, BURN Studios, Healthworks (women only), Level Up Fitness & Wellness Center and Republic Fitness

Find a session and book a session now here

In addition, other partner clubs are offering variety of remote based services you can access directly from their web sites:

Stay safe and our best wishes to our extended community and their families. 

As always please share your feedback and how we can help. 

NOTE: we will be adding additional sessions as our partner clubs make them available. 

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