We are pleased to offer live stream video of classes and small group training you can now do in your own home. Here are simple steps for accessing: 

  • Bodyscapes Fitness' available classes and small group training are now posted on SplitFit. The 'format' is 'Live Stream Classes' or 'Virtual Small Group Training'. 

  • The price for a spot in classes is $20 per session and for small group training $30 per spot in a session. You can use your Splitbucks to pay for sessions. Each session is 45 minutes in length. 

  • You can search and find the workout type and other information about the session as you would for any other session listed on SplitFit. 

  • All of these are LIVE sessions - NOT pre-recorded.

  • Once you book and confirm your session you will receive a confirmation from Bodyscapes Fitness with instructions, including creating a Zoom account. 

  • Your live-stream link will be sent to you approximately 1 hour before class.

  • NOTE: you must have a VALID email associated with your account in order to receive this email; and if not in your Inbox, the email may be in your Spam folder.

Contact support@splitfit.com with any questions. 

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