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How do I apply Splitbucks or use a coupon (promo) code?
How do I apply Splitbucks or use a coupon (promo) code?

This article describes how to go about using coupon codes and/ or Splitbucks.

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Applying Splitbucks:  

Splitbucks from special programs or earned from our incentive program are automatically deposited into your account.  You can see your current balance at the top right corner of your screen (green icon).  Click on the icon to see you Splitbucks transactional details.  To apply Splitbucks, when booking and confirming your session, simply click on 'Apply Splitbucks' (right below 'Promo code').  The app will automatically apply full amount of the session price and use whatever is available for Splitbucks up to the price of that session. 

Applying Coupon (promo) Code:

If you have a coupon code provided by SplitFit this can be applied in the booking confirmation screen. 

At the bottom right of the confirmation page you will see ‘have a promo code?’ right below total amount. Select this and a new screen will prompt you to provide a code (must be exact) and then select ‘apply’. When you return to the previous screen you will see ‘promo code applied’ and the price change accordingly.

If you cancel a session that was booked with a promotion code you are able to reuse that coupon provided that the coupon is not beyond expiration date or the coupon was not separately applied to another session.

Coupons can be cancelled at any time without notice.

Effective August 3, 2017 no user can exceed a free session coupon total of 6 other than for those coupons provided for loyalty related purposes. This change is effective immediately and limits are calculated retroactively.

Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with Splitbucks or any other promotion.

NOTE:  Some coupon codes are provided in form of Splitbucks. When you first use your coupon with Splitbucks it will automatically apply Splitbucks to your first session, then deposit any extra Splitbucks into your Splitbucks account. 

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