Your employer or insurance plan may reimburse you for personal small group training!

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To see if you qualify, first ask your employer if it offers reimbursement for health and fitness activities. In most cases, you simply need to provide receipts for the expenses you've incurred (fitness equipment, gym membership, group classes and personal training) and complete the required forms. SplitFit can provide copies of the receipts and/or statements you need. Some companies also utilize third part service providers to administer their programs, so you might need to submit your receipts through their websites. Also, these allowances typically need to be used up by the end of a calendar year, so don't wait!

Some companies also offer subsidy programs. This means your employer will offer to pay SplitFit directly for a portion of the expenses. If your employer has a program like this, please contact us at to begin. 

Your health insurance provider (example, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, AllWays Health Partners, etc) will reimburse for personal small group training services provided through SplitFit. 

SplitFit can provide copies of the receipts and/or statements you need as well as instructions for submitting to your health insurance provider. 

Be sure to take advantage of these terrific programs!

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