Personal Training is proven to be the most effective workout, yet it is currently out of reach for most consumers because of price. Traditionally, Personal Training requires a monthly gym membership fee and a per-session fee. SPLITFIT is different. We provide multiple ways you can get Personal Training at the right price for you:

  • Choose a pool: Train with one, two, three or more folks in a pool

  • Some sessions that partner clubs will post will be augmenting open spots in Small Group Training (SGT) programs or classes conducted by their personal trainers/instructors. 

View or pricing by clicking here.

Bottom line: SPLITFIT provides quality personal training for as low as $20 for up to one hour with no membership fees or commitment!

Save even more!! For more information on how our referral program works click here.  Also, your company and/or health insurance company may reimburse for SplitFit related expenses (personal training). To learn more click here

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